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One year anniversary of my book Mastering Emacs

One year ago today I launched my ebook, Mastering Emacs.

In that intervening year I have had an overwhelming number of positive e-mails, tweets, Goodreads reviews and conversations with people who are happy that they’ve bought and read the book. To all of you, thank you. Putting your name on a book – or a blog, for that matter – is to open yourself up to critique (of the constructive and destructive kinds!) and I am happy that my book has been very well received. It even appeared on torrent sites hours after I launched it; dedication, if anything.

It took a year to write, as you do, when you procrastinate, and that’s not even including the years I spent not writing it at all, convincing myself that tomorrow is the day I start writing. But the thing about writing a book is that it sure does take the wind out of you, and the blog admittedly has suffered as a result of that.

Thankfully, that’s going to change. I have a lot of spring cleaning I want to do and new articles to write.

Here’s to another year!

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