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New python mode

by mickey on February 17th, 2011

Seems there’s a new kid in town.

Fabián Ezequiel Gallina has announced a new Emacs mode to, I hope, merge with the existing GNU Emacs mode (referred to as python.el) and possibly merge with the other Emacs mode out there (referred to as python-mode.el) and bring balance to the force.

This is great news. I have been meaning to write an article covering All Things Python in Emacs and if I can do that and only cover one mode that’ll make my life a whole lot easier. Currently the Emacs-Python community is way too fragmented due to license issues with python-mode and python.el not keeping up with the times.

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  1. Hey! I would love you to give the emacs python community the best setup possible and please give us a picture of emacs24.


  2. I, for one, would welcome a unified python mode with open arms!

    My wishlist:
    ipython integration, with tab completion
    Optional ropemacs integration

  3. Lukas permalink

    Looking forward to the Python article.

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